How is blogging different from other forms of writing?

How is blogging different from other forms of writing?


You might be a good and pretty successful blogger. Your readings may reach to many, appreciated by many. But take my word, based on my experience, I can say that not all bloggers are good at writing all forms of content. Blog writing is different from other forms of writing. When I say all forms of content, I mean, website content, profile writing, articles and features, long form articles.

Some of the bloggers find me offensive to hear this. But I have my reasons in place. My stint as an Editor gave me an opportunity to interview candidates who aspire to make their careers in writing. They are full of pride, mentioning they are running their own blogs and love writing and doing pretty well. Based on their blog writing experience, they demand hefty start.

Being a writing professional myself, I always respect the writings of others. I encourage young writers to write, despite the fact that I do not find their writings up to the mark at times. What I generally find amiss among these young breed of writers is the lack of basic understanding on the finer nuances of different writing styles. The most important word of advice I would like to give them is to stop looking at blogging a very higher form of writing.

Blogging no more than a diary entry

The only difference I see in new age blogging and older times’ diary entry is that our diary entries were meant to be hidden by people around us. It was a personal space that we kept for ourselves only. As time changes now, diary pages have transformed into blog pages which we no longer want to hide. We like, rather, people to have a sneak peak into our own little world. We want them to see the real self of us, how we think, our daily schedules, where do we travel or a peep into our professional world, our professional capabilities.

You can be a good story teller as a blogger, but that definitely does not mean you are good at writing all forms of content. Article for online portals, news publishing, writing for marketing collateral are a different ball game altogether.

Understand the nuances of other forms of writing

You may write good, but mind you, you have to cultivate your skills at other forms of writing. Would you like to know how are the other forms of writings different from blogs, here is a quick look at how content differs for different mediums?

* Blogs are always written in first person. Majority of times, blogs are first person accounts. But other forms of writings are written in third person unless you are writing a column, comment or travelogue or personal experience based write up.  

* Dear bloggers, please keep in mind, blogs are nothing more than a diary entry. It most likely places you as a good story teller that evokes human interest and shows you as a creative person.

* Try to see the difference in the style of other forms of writings. For say, a difference in news writing and a feature writing and an opinion piece.

* A news only comprises of facts devoid any opinion. It is all about facts. News content is written with a target audience in mind who is in a rush and might not have time to go through entire news piece in morning. All the important facts that he should be aware of need to be placed in the first paragraph itself. Rest paragraphs can have other details, but that too need to be facts only.   

* A feature writing is an extension of a news piece that evaluates a news item from all angles. Opinions can find their place here. A very important point to note here is that opinion should not come from the writer. He has to report the opinions of the stakeholders and the people impacted by the news and the general public opinion, but not his own. He has to give 360 degree view of the situation.

* Opinion pieces like a movie review, or a review of a theatre, product and service give a writer a full liberty to express himself. Of course, your opinions must backed by facts as you have a responsibility towards your readers.

Stay tuned to my blog on where I will be discussing in great details on all forms of writing in coming weeks. 

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